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Our Business Model

Experts in the realm of oil and retail, Sirio Retail Operations offer a number of options to its partners, always guaranteeing a strong covenant.

Sirio Retail Operations

  • Purchases and operates independent service stations
  • Leases (short- or long-term) and operates independent service stations
  • Leases and operates a group of service stations currently under the auspices of another brand e.g. Top, Esso.
  • Develops and operates service stations on green – or brown-field sites

Why our star shines brighter

  • We are Irish
  • We are small enough to be hands-on; big enough to have procurement power
  • We are actively growing market share
  • We operate under multiple brands
  • We are invested in the importance of green energy
  • We maintain a strong balance sheet

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We build effective relationships with Service Station Partners to maximise commercial opportunities. We partner closely in the execution of the sales, marketing and distribution of food and beverage products in our service stations, focusing on retail, restaurant and outsourced hospitality services through joint ventures and joint business plans with our Service Station partners. From car wash systems to seasoned firewood: if you have a product or service you think we’d be interested in, please contact our procurement department at: 045 256940